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Friday, November 30, 2012

EQ Interview with Asher Monroe


By Jordan Meehan

Afternoon, EQs! We've got an exciting little interview to share with you today that has taken me far too long to post for various reasons. Regardless, recently I was lucky enough to have a short virtual interview with upcoming pop wonderkid and all around nicest-guy-you'll-ever-meet Asher Monroe! We've had our eyes on him for quite a while now and still have Here With You on repeat constantly (and you should, too).

We had some questions of our own and also opened it up to some fans on Twitter and gave them a chance to ask their own questions.

As a solo artist, things have undoubtedly been different from your days in a boy band. What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of being solo now, opposed to being in a group?
Being a solo artist allows me to have true creative freedom I want. I write all my music now (which wasn't something I had the opportunity to do before). There's not really a disadvantage to going solo... I see the transition as an upside that allows me to get closer to what I was born to do. 

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

EQ Interview with Eric Solomon - Watch Brand New Video for "Lottery"


by Raj Rudolph

We've been following Eric Solomon for quite some time here at EQ and it was a real treat to get to sit down with him over coffee during his recent trip to the UK where he played some intimate gigs for the first time on our shores. In this EQ interview with the Canadian pop soulster, we discuss the Canadian transplant's life in Los Angeles, his notable track "All", new single "Lottery" and why he's really just wants to be a real boy as explained in his track "Pinocchio". "Lottery" is out now worldwide on iTunes and you can get a first view of the music video right here, right now on EQ.

Hello Eric, how does it feel to be in the UK?
The UK has been such an iconic city for me. I remember when I was growing up, my brother (who was a DJ) always used to play UK acts. We dreamed about coming here for a long time to go club to club and see some old soul musicians like Brand New Heavies. On top of that, the fashion here is doesn't compare. New York City and Montreal and London are top fashion cities for me. I feel like I've been here before. As unfamiliar as some place can be, when it comes to the lifestyle, I feel like I fit in so perfectly. I love the hairstyles, the attitude - I feel like I'm in Purple Rain 2.

Lottery - Single - Eric Solomon

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Monday, September 24, 2012

EQ Interview with Aiden Grimshaw - "I wasn't a pop star, I was just on the X Factor. Maybe later if it goes really well I'll turn into a proper dick."


by Raj Rudolph

2010 was pretty much the last legitamate year for The X Factor in my humble opinion. No matter how much money they throw at the show and what crazy judges they hire, the concept just seems dated and frustrating. No matter how much I rant about how The X Factor isn't good for musicians, I still though manage to get sucked into it every single year.

One such X Factor contestant though couldn't have been more different in 2010 and his name is Aiden Grimshaw. Not just a pretty face no less, nor you're average cookie cutter fame whore, watching Aiden pour his heart and soul into his song choices each week was a pure delight. After his defeat on the show, he went into hiding it seemed. But really what was happening was that he was creating one of the most thoughtful and provoking albums about love in 2012 called "Misty Eye" that is out now worldwide.

Aiden Grimshaw is currently on tour throughout the UK (Oh yes, I'll be at the London show on October 2nd at the Scala) and about a month ago, I caught up with him in a pub in Shoredtich to talk about "Misty Eye", his X Factor mates One Direction and Cher Lloyd and why he's the reluctant pop star who's afraid of turning into a "proper dick".

Misty Eye (Deluxe Version) - Aiden Grimshaw

EQ: Hello Aiden Grimshaw. So you've got an album out right now called "Misty Eye". I've heard it...
Aiden Grimshaw: You like it?

I do. I like it a lot. I wouldn't be here if I didn't like your album.
Well you could, you could attack it from another angle and be really bitchy...

That's not my style. It's been awhile leading up to this moment. You took your time from coming off X-Factor and sort of did your album the right way, rather than just thursting yourself into the pop star limelight...
Yeah, I was on the X Factor and I am very thankful for it. I do realize that the only reason I'm sat here now is because I was on the telly. But taking the time to really focus on the music, I missed the opportunity to be a manufactured product.

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