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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Guest Blogger Dirk van Baren Reviews The First Ever Poptronik Festival in Sitges, Spain


by Dirk van Baren of House of XY

DirkAfter many months of anticipatory pleasure, last weekend finally saw the Poptronik Festival come alive in Sitges, Spain for the very first time. We from the House of XY travelled all the way from Amsterdam to the sunny beaches of Sitges to experience some electropop bliss under the Mediterranean sun.

It all started on Twitter and Facebook a few months ago. Word spread quickly about a fresh, new electropop compilation album called This Beat Is POPTRONIK - Volume One, that was offering a platform to talented, new electronic pop artists that deserved to get their music out there. After hearing about the the album, we just knew we had to get tickets.

The Poptronik Festival was held on a private beach in front of the iconic Sitges Terramar Hotel and it was the perfect venue for a brand new music festival. The setup was simple, but incredibly effective. There was so much talent and passion amongst the performers, that nothing more was needed than just a fairly basic stage. Every artist, band or DJ that took to it tore the beach apart with their amazing set and energy.


The Poptronik Festival artists came from all over the world. Whether it were Garcon Garcon and Parralox from Australia or SIRPAUL, Adam Tyler and Cazwell from the US, Markus Riva from Latvia, new Swedish duo Glorious Inc. or locals like YALL and Barb@zul, they killed it. Under the scorching sun (and beautiful rising moon) each artist conquered Sitges effortlessly with their fiercest tracks. Fresh faces from the UK, like Electrovamp, Woman E, Johnny Lazer, Monarchy, Nina and Bispatial alternated with veteran performers and legends like Erasure's Andy Bell and Sudha from Faithless.

Whether they'd been around a while or just came on to the electro pop scene kicking and screaming, all performers had one thing in common: they love what they do and all of Sitges felt it. When not on the stage they were just dancing in front of it, to the beats of the other performers having the time of their lives. There were no egos, there was just love for music on a sunny beach. An amazing experience.


Everyone that missed the actual festival on the beach could still catch many of the talent in the local bars and nightclubs all over town, at various pre and after parties. If you missed the Poptronik Festival this first year, you better make sure you look out for it next year as it was an absolutely unmissable explosion of musical talent (on a sunny beach, get in!)

Check out this great photo album of the Poptronik Festival on Facebook which has been provided courtesy of the Terramar Hotel.

More photos and videos coming soon!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Poptronik Festival Time! Somebody Pinch Me!


by Raj Rudolph

Hola chicos! We'll the Poptronik Festival starts tomorrow in Sitges, Spain and let me tell you - it's pretty surreal. A year in the making and Poptronik finally comes "alive" tomorrow. I'm actually a little emotional about it. There have been many pitfalls, roadblocks and battles in getting this new pop music brand and events company off the ground and it hasn't been easy by any stretch of the imagination. But the journey has been amazing and the Poptronik Festival is by far THE project I'm most proud of as a music blogger.

None of this wouldn't be possible without the amazing support of Aztec Records who have not only helped fund this project, but their belief in the Poptronik vision and ethos is what really helped us cross the finish line. Our business partner Alan Westonbroek in Sitges as also put in many hours of unpaid time to help us pull off this event and without his connections and tenacity, none of this would be possible at all. Needless to say, I'm extremely proud of the work we have been able to acheive as a collective. A collective that only had a dream that has now become real.

Aside from the amazing talent we have brought together for this weekend, Poptronik is more than just a show and a compilation CD. Our aim as a company is to help promote and foster the growth of new musicians in the electronic pop community, brining together a family of artists that all promote each other in return. We hope you enjoy what we are doing in music and your support will help us grow the brand even more in 2013 as we plan more "This Beat Is Poptronik" compilation albums and events.

Needless to say, I won't be blogging much this weekend, but the best way to keep up-to-date on what's happening with the Poptronik Festival is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We'll endevour to keep you updated on the fun in the sun as it unfolds!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Countdown To The Poptronik Festival - Preview "Acoustic Ice" by Adam Tyler


by Raj Rudolph

This time next week, we'll be watching the lovely Adam Tyler live on the beautiful Terramar Beach for the Poptronik Festival in Sitges, Spain. Adam may be performing in the glorious Mediteranean heat, but his latest EP release  is mos most certainly a cool affair.

"Acoustic Ice" is the flip side to Adam's amazing debut electronic pop album "Shattered Ice" and takes all those high energy dance crafted works of pop wonder and transforms them into a more adult type of affair which showcases Adam's amazing voice - the boy can sing.

Check out "Acoustic Ice" on Facebook right now and if you buy a copy, it goes in aid of a very worthy cause - "Raise The Roof".

If you are in or around Spain next weekend for holiday, come see Adam Tyler perform for FREE (yes free! gratis!) alongside Andy Bell of Erasure, Fernando Garibay, Monarchy and Garcon Garcon at the Poptronik Festival this Saturday, September 1st in Sitges, Spain.

Discounted VIP tickets for EQ readers on sale now too (use discount code EQPOP) where you'll be able to have autograph all parts of your body over mojitos.

Let's just remind ourselves why we love Adam Tyler so much here at EQ Music...

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