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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inside EQ: Q&A With EQ Digital Designer Liam Curry


You may have noticed that we have a new design here at EQ and that's all due to the lovely and talented man named Liam Curry who is pictured above.  Liam designed the current layout of EQ and we couldn't be any more happier with it.  We asked Liam to come up with a design which reflected the spirit of EQ and to help bring it into the year 2011 and what he came back with is just amazing in our opinion. 

Music and art go hand-in-hand and EQ is committed to working with some of the coolest new digital artists out there and we are proud to show off Liam's talents here at EQ.  We caught up with Liam for a mini Q&A session too and if you like what you see and want to work with Liam, make sure to hit him up!

So Liam - tell us about yourself...
Sure. I'm a visual artist and lyricist from the UK specialising in art direction and graphic design, and over the past few years I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best up-and-coming music acts from around the world. I keep in constant contact with the stylists, photographers, directors and other creative types involved in developing a pop act, and together we create the "world" for the music to be born into. It's such a great feeling when you have a good team around you, a lot of the people I've collaborated with on earlier projects have stayed with me as I’ve taken on new challenges so there is a real “family” feel about everything I do at the moment.

I’m also writing and co-writing lyrics on a regular basis. Having fingers in so many pies means I often find it hard to describe exactly what I do, but I like to keep things varied. My background is actually in video and art installation, so I am very much used to a multi-media approach.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inside EQ: "Born This Way" / "Express Yourself" Gagagate


So I actually am terribly conflicted about writing this blog, mostly because it disagrees with the opinions of many people I admire and adore, but in the same respect, when a topic like "Born This Way" get's buzzing around my head, I find it difficult to concentrate until I clearly express myself and EQ has always been my platform for self-expression, so at the risk of dividing opinion amongst those I adore and respect, I will write this blog anyways.  Twitter and it's 140 character limit would never allow me to clearly express how I feel, so my opinion is being laid out here if you care to read. 

First thing you should know about me.  I am an equality enthusiast.  I grew up in a small and somewhat racist town in Northwest America in the 80s and as the "oriental gay boy" living in a white family, I often felt the pains of racism against my fellow asian-american citizens and the few african-american, latin-american and immigrant citizens who, at the time, made up about 10% of my town's small population.  Hardly an unfamiliar story I know but it's what I was born into.  

Often at times, music was my only solace in the world.  I got it from my asian father who lived 40 miles away in a medium-sized town in Washington.  Although my visits to my father were very controlled, I did actually get to soak in the latest music from Madonna, The Police, Duran Duran, Sade, Tina Turner and Robert Palmer every time I visited him.  The one thing I will always remember about him was this wise saying -

"When the world becomes too much to handle, just strap on your headphones and listen to Madonna."

That was probably the wisest thing he ever told me.  Silly I know, but I carry that notion with me throughout life now. 

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inside EQ: Adam Lambert Fan Shares Story On G-A-Y / Heaven Majority Gay Door Policy


With all the controversy surrounding The Guardian's piece yesterday on Jeremy Joseph's "majority lesbian and gay" door policy at G-A-Y / Heaven, I've been receiving tons of emails from pop music fans expressing their anger at not being allowed to watch live music from their favorite performers at G-A-Y / Heaven.  While I am very much interested in reading your emails and hearing your stories, I highly encourage people to send your emails to Jeremy Joseph himself as he needs to hear how YOU feel about his door policy.

One such fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent in her account of the horrific experience she encountered while trying to see Adam Lambert at G-A-Y / Heaven last year.  What's interesting here, is that Adam Lamberthimself is an openly gay musician with a huge straight female fanbase.  What this says to me is that music these days, music doesn't have "coloured lines" and we shouldn't be treating pop music fans with such disdain when we promote shows that have a mainstream appeal.  In the end, people just want to see their favorite performers play live.  It's the backbone of the music industry these days. 

Taking preference for one group of fans about the music act you're promoting, does absolutely nothing to further diversity or to make equality a reality.  G-A-Y is a teen pop music night with a gay clientele - most Londoners would agree.  If straight females aren't preferred or non-gays turned away, what does this say about us as gays?  If we expect change, we have to change our opinions about the straight community as well - it works both ways. 

As pop music fans, we should have the right to go to any venue, gay or straight, to enjoy live music.  Last December I went to the O2 Arena to see JLS.  Amidst of sea of thousands of young girls, not once was I treated with an ounce of disrespect as a gay male there.  No one questioned me about my sexuality at the door, no one gawked at me when I was admiring the JLS boys stripping off and performing "Beat Again", and no one made me feel uncomfortable at all in the slightest - well one girl got a little emotional when I was sitting in her seat, which I was by mistake, but you can't really call that inequality can you?  In fact, what I learned that evening is that thousands upon thousands of straight girls really pose no threat at all to gay men at a live concert - or at least, that's how I feel from my own personal experience.  Having straight girls at a one-off One Direction or Adam Lambert concert really isn't going to turn G-A-Y into S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T now isn't it? 

If you ask me, Jeremy Joseph is really missing a beat here.  Why not have two shows?  One for everyone and one for club members only.  It's not like the demand isn't there.  If you're really that concerned about protecting your brand identity, then it's time to start getting creative and entrepreneurial, without resorting to upsetting a specific group of people whose money and freedoms are just as valuable as ours.

Here is the story of one Adam Lambert fan...

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