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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

EQ Top Ten Collections Of Tracks For 2009

 Lady gaga

"The Fame Monster" by Lady Gaga
If there ever were a perfect pop album, Lady Gaga has created this in eight perfect pop tracks. "Bad Romance" has set the bar in terms of pop mightiness - leaving other aspiring and established pop artists breathless and wishing they could attain such high levels of perfection. When EQ declared Lady Gaga "the new Madonna" early on - it was met "let's just wait until the second album shall we?". We'll it landed with the force of a thunderbolt with mighty tracks like "Alejandro", "Monster" and "Telephone" forcefully shoving those on-the-fence skeptics firmly into the wacky wardrobes adorning the Haus of Gaga. Ladies and gentlemen - we are witnessing the rise of a major pop force who has the staying power of legends - I look forward to the artistic creations that Lady Gaga will be unveiling to the world in the years to come.

Download "The Fame Monster" on Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster

 Blake lewis

"Heartbreak On Vinyl" by Blake Lewis 
If you ask me, this album hasn't gotten nearly the amount of praise it deserves. What makes it so brilliant is the belief that Blake Lewis had in himself to produce a dance album that was truly him and not one he had to compromise to satisfy labels. It's like showing the public the real you whether they like it or not - and "Heartbreak On Vinyl" did just this. It's dance music, carefully immortalized in tracks like "Freak", "Binary Love" and "Sad Song". The title track "Heartbreak On Vinyl" couldn't have been any more perfect - an ode to the downfall of the traditional record store which captured the sadness and loss that many of us hardcore music lovers felt from the convergence of the music industry with technology. The entire album served key play-list tracks on EQ club nights with music lovers proclaiming "I love this song - who sings it?". I'm hoping that Tommy Boy sink some more money into this project and give it the proper European push it deserves as I still don't think the American majority quite get proper dance music the way us Europeans do.

Download "Heartbreak On Vinyl" on Blake Lewis - Heartbreak On Vinyl

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

EQ Top 200 Tracks Of 2009 - "Your Body Is A Machine" by The Good Natured is EQ Song Of The Year.

Well EQs, another year has come and gone and 2009 was in my opinion, a great year for pop and electronic music - both indie and commerical.  As is tradition here at EQ, I have compiled my top 200 tracks of 2009 for our final chart of the year and huge congratulations are in order to The Good Natured for making my favourite track of 2009 - the stunning "Your Body Is A Machine"

I hope you enjoy this list - it's really a retrospective look back on the blog and the hundreds of songs that made up 155 pages of EQ content this year.  I think you'll find our list a lot different from other music blogs but then again, that's probably why you read EQ in the first place.

If you are interested in the songs on our 2008 list, you can check it out right here, right now

1. Your Body Is A Machine – The Good Natured
2. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
3. Hotter – Parralox
4. Diablo – Simon Curtis
5. Under The Sheets – Ellie Goulding
6. For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert
7. Heartbreak On Vinyl – Blake Lewis
8. Monster – Lady Gaga
9. Echo – Girls Can’t Catch
10. First Train Home – Imogen Heap

11. Body To Body – Electric Valentine
12. Breathing Your Love – Darin
13. Something About You – The Bleach Works
14. Saviour - Lights
15. Wake Up - Sliimy
16. Hurtful – Erik Hassle
17. The Girl & The Robot – Royksopp ft. Robyn
18. Who Will – Patrick Wolf
19. Be Togeda - Tecnoctitlan
20. The Spell – Alphabeat

21. Dressed To Kill - Preston
22. I Want It All – Dangerous Muse
23. See Through – Dean Lennon
24. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga
25. Oh! - Menya
26. 3 Words – Cheryl Cole ft. Will.I.Am
27. Bulletproof – La Roux
28. Punisher – Ky Ismet
29. Mess With Me – Archeo Price
30. Whatever Whatever – Rodrigo Moratto

31. Strings And Wires - MaJiKer
32. Messages – Filthy Dukes
33. Lazerboy – Sergey Lazarev
34. Dance The Way I Feel – Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
35. Beat Again – JLS
36. Oops Do You Love Me – Pandering & The Golddiggers
37. Moving Parts – Mr. Fogg
38. Pick Up The Phone – Dragonette
39. Million Dollar Bill – Whitney Houston
40. I Wanna Dance - Angela

41. Celebration - Madonna
42. Bye Bye Baby – Temposhark
43. Can’t Sleep – Adrian Lux
44. Love Get Outta My Way – Milke
45. Heaven – SpekrFreks ft. Belinda Carlisle
46. She Wolf – Shakira
47. Love Game – Lady Gaga
48. The Sailor Song – The Gadsdens
49. I Pray – The Good Natured
50. Electric Lady – Tesla Boy

51. Clean Apart - Cocknbullkid
52. Credit Card Babies - Men
53. Fixin To Thrill – Dragonette
54. V.I.P. – Killian Wells
55. Love Struck – V Factory
56. Come Kitty (Cat Scratch) - Soraya
57. Ready For The Weekend – Calvin Harris
58. The World Does Not Revolve Around You – Temposhark
59. Big Girl Now – New Kids On The Block ft. Lady Gaga
60. Thunderbird – The Golden Filter

61. Don’t Bring Flowers – Erik Hassle
62. Release Me – Agnes
63. Hold On Tight – Jay-J ft. Akon
64. Get Down - KJ
65. Difficult For Weirdos – Robbie Williams
66. 3 - Britney
67. Sad Song – Blake Lewis
68. Go Electro – The Ultrasonics
69. Halo – Red Blooded Women
70. Fireflies – Owl City

71. Come And Get It – Loebeat
72. The Domino Effect – Addictive
73. Miracle – Sally Shapiro
74. You And I – Medina
75. Takin Back My Love – Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara
76. Won’t Go Quietly - Example
77. Confusion Girl – Frankmusik
78. Promiscuity - Antigone
79. Wet Like Sweat – Naked Highway
80. Left My Heart In Tokyo – Mini Viva

81. London Is Bangin – Disco Damage
82. Stuck On Repeat – Little Boots
83. The Fear – Lily Allen
84. Fallin Away – Jupiter Rising
85. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer – Freemasons ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor
86. Paint Your Face – Sliimy
87. Get Sexy – Sugababes
88. Mama Do – Pixie Lott
89. Friction – Adam Tyler
90. Love Etc. – Pet Shop Boys

91. I Wish – Mini Viva
92. Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz
93. Falling Down – Space Cowboy ft Paradiso Girls
94. Trendsetter – John Galea
95. Ready 4 More – Miss Lynsey
96. Vulture – Patrick Wolf
97. Something Special – Menya
98. The Queen – Velvet
99. Kim Leoni - Medicine
100. Sexy People - Lolene

101. Daisy Dares You – Daisy Dares You
102. Skeleton Boy – Friendly Fires
103. We Are Golden - Mika
104. U R My Girl – Kiss In Cities
105. Love Comes – Bananarama
106. If Truth Be Told - MNEK
107. I’m In Miami Bitch – LMFAO
108. Break My Heart - Solomon
109. Around Your Finger – Max Vernon
110. Rain – Mika

111. Olive Eyes - FrYars
112. Somebody To Love – Leighton Meister ft. Robin Thicke
113. Confidentially – Gia Mellish
114. Freak – Blake Lewis
115. S.O.S. – Jordan Sparks
116. I Am Glam – Ze!
117. Pin Up Boy - Petros
118. Enjoy The Silence – Red Blooded Women
119. Something Golden – Le Corps De Mince Francois
120. I Like That – Static Revenger ft Luciana

121. Who Wants To Be Alone – Tiesto ft. Nelly Furtado
122. Panic – Xuman
123. Starry Eyes – Ellie Goulding
124. Perfect Girl – The Ultrasonics
125. Silly Boy – Eva Simmons
126. Killer On The Dancefloor – Private
127. The Fear – Lily Allen
128. Binary Love – Blake Lewis
129. Get Closer - Boyde
130. In Sympathy – Depeche Mode

131. Skelton Boy – Friendly Fires
132. Ego – The Saturdays
133. So Hot – Monti Montanez
134. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart – Alicia Keys
135. Somebody Tell Me - Muchuu
136. Wonder Woman – Frankmusik
137. Viva La Vida – Darin
138. Fascination – La Roux
139. Daniel – Bat For Lashes
140. About A Girl – Sugababes

141. Earthquake – Little Boots
142. Gravity – The Bleach Works
143. Raindrops – Hannah Schneider
144. Friends Don’t - Menya
145. Relax – Red Blooded Women
146. Wrong – Depeche Mode
147. So Good To Be Wrong - Yenn
148. Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas
149. Keep Your Head Up – Girls Can’t Catch
150. Fresh Out The Oven – Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

151. Moving Parts – Mr. Fogg
152. My Secret Lover – Private
153. Delusional – Simon Curtis
154. Stereo – Sergey Lazarev
155. Club Love – The Cataracs
156. Hold On – Lazee ft Neverstore
157. Better Off As Two – Frankmusik
158. Boys Don’t Cry – KCAT
159. When We Fight – Brad Walsh
160. Mannequin – Noah

161. Can’t Get Over - September
162. Allein Allein – Polarkries 18
163. Tongue - MaJiKer
164. Cherchez Le Garcon – Quentin Mosimann
165. Right Here, Right Now - BWO
166. Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole
167. The Competition – Melynk ft. Sara Berg
168. Without You – Empire Of The Sun
169. Crazy Possesive – Kaci Battaglia
170. When Love Takes Over – David Gueta ft. Kelly Rowland

171. Acapella – Kelis
172. Oh Solitude - RebekkaMaria
173. I Love You Too – Haberdashery
174. Los Feeling – Visitor
175. Say It – Booty Luv
176. Body To Body – Jay-J
177. Psycho Thrills - Cicada
178. Body Language – Jesse McCartney
179. Candy – Paolo Nutini
180. New In Town – Little Boots

181. Patron Tequila – Paradiso Girls
182. Stare Into The Sun – Graffiti 6
183. Orally Fixated – Roisin Murphy
184. The Climb – Joe McElderry
185. Number One Enemy – Daisy Dares You ft. Chipmunk
186. Mas – Nelly Furtado
187. Bodies – Robbie Williams
188. Hollywood Ending – Will-W
189. You Got The Love – Florence & The Machine
190. Bad Body Double – Imogen Heap

191. Salt Air – Chew Lips
192. Wet Like Sweat – Naked Highway
193. A Loving Kind - bim
194. Music Again – Adam Lambert
195. Euphoria – Madeliene Bloom
196. Kandi – One Eskimo
197. I Need You Now – Agnes
198. Reptile – Performance
199. Radar – Luigi Masi
200. Gold Digger – The Dolly Rockers

Saturday, December 12, 2009

EQ Chart (Your Essential Playlist) "Under The Sheets" by Ellie Goulding Number One...


Congratulations to Ellie Goulding who tops our latest EQ Chart with "Under The Sheets".  There is no question that Ms. Goulding is beginning to create a little frenzy amongst pop lovers as of late and I firmly have my place inside the bandwagon and I'm shouting "bring on the album" as loud as I can...

1. Under The Sheets: Ellie Goulding [#1 - 1 week]
2. Your Body Is A Machine: The Good Natured
3. Diablo: Simon Curtis [new - highest debut]
4. Bad Romance: Lady Gaga [#1 - 2 weeks]
5. For Your Entertainment: Adam Lambert 
6. Club Love: The Cataracs [new]
7. Sombody To Love: Leighton Meester ft Robin Thicke
8. Come And Get It: Loebeat
9. Pick Up The Phone: Dragonette
10. Don't Bring Flowers: Erik Hassle

11. The Sailor Song: The Gadsdens [re-entry] 
12. Sexy People: Lolene
13. Something About You: The Bleach Works
14. Place For Us: Reni Lane [new]
15. Panic: Xuman
16. 3 Words: Cheryl Cole ft. Will.I.Am [new]
17. Viva La Vida: Darin
18. Difficult For Weirdos: Robbie Williams
19. About A Girl: Sugababes
20. Who Wants To Be Alone: Tiesto ft. Nelly Furtado [new]

21. Halo: Red Blooded Women
22. Hotter: Parralox [#1 - 2 weeks] 
23. Bye Bye Baby: Temposhark
24. Heartbreak On Vinyl: Blake Lewis
25. U R My Girl: Kiss In Cities [new]
26. Without You: Empire Of The Sun [new]
27. Oh Solitude: RebekkaMaria
28. Thunderbird: The Golden Filter [new]
29. You And I: Medina
30. Somebody Tell Me: Muchuu [new]

31. I Wish: Mini Viva [new]
32. Echo: Girls Can't Catch [new]
33. My Secret Lover: Private [re-entry]
34. Orally Fixated: Roisin Murphy
35. Credit Card Babies: Men [new]
36. DJ: Alphabeat
37. I Need You Now: Agnes
38. Moving Parts: Mr. Fogg [new]
39. Boy's Don't Cry: KCAT

40. Raindrops: Hannah Schneider [new]
41. Dance The Way I Feel: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
42. Electric Lady: Tesla Boy
43. Fireflies: Owl City
44. I Want It All: Dangerous Muse [new]
45. I Love You Too: Haberdashry [new]
46. Hold On Tight: Jay-J featuring Akon [new] 
47. Boys: Abby [new]
48. Acapella: Kelis [new]
49. Vinegar: Anna Abreu [re-entry]
50. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart: Alicia Keys [new]


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