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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

EQ Interview With Emmon - "I Love What I Do And I Want People To Feel That."


Emmon is one of those electronica artists that deserves crossover success.  Her latest album "Closet Wanderings" is a mini-masterpiece that I have been enjoying for some time now and deserves to be held in the highest regard alongside the likes of Little Boots and La Roux.  I caught up with Emmon recently to talk about the album, her next single "Lips On Fire" and what it's like to have a full-time job whilst trying to launch take her unique brand of electronica to an international audience.  Enjoy.

Well hello Emmon - thanks for taking the time to chat.  Where are you answering our questions from today?
Emmon: I am sitting in my little studio at home. It is a walk-in closet that I rebuilt into a home studio and it is covered with wallpaper of Disney figures such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  I guess that the people who lived in the apartment before us used it as a playroom for their children. Now it's my playroom!

How did you get your start in making electronica in Sweden? I understand you're in another band called Paris as well.
Yes I write songs, sing, play keyboards and guitar in Paris - we are four people in the band.  Paris is a quite a successful in Sweden. We started the band in 2001 when we got a debut performance at one of Sweden’s biggest music festivals - "Hultsfredsfestivalen".  Since then we have been touring a lot around Sweden and Northern Europe and at this moment we are recording our 4th album.  Paris is not into electronica as Emmon, but is more into indie-pop and new wave.  Emmon started during my time as an art student in Stockholm.  I was interested in electronic music and started to experiment with art, sound, music and performance.  During that time, I developed and became quite successful on the Swedish electronic scene.  In the beginning of 2007, I released my debut album "The Art And The Evil" on Wonderland Records and started to tour a lot around Sweden.  Earlier this year, my second album "Closet Wanderings" was released and it has become a big success and now I'm heading far over the Swedish borders, which is really exciting!

Very exciting indeed - now since you've burst onto the scene you've been dubbed "The Electronica Queen Of Sweden" - is that a label you feel is accurate?
Of course it is - it's a quite flattering title.  If media or people would like to call me that - its alright!  But it's not that important for me.  I am just satisfied making my music in my own way and that people like it.

What is the significance behind the title of "Closet Wanderings" actually?

It is named after my mind-blowing walkabouts I do when I am experimenting and recording at home in my little closet studio late at nights.  The songs I do are like small road movies in my head when I’m creating. I am visualizing the music and building small short stories around it.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rick Astley, Tiffany, Deborah Gibson & Samantha Fox Unite for Nostalgia Concert In Quebec


Fuck me with a Rubik's Cube.

I would have LOVED to been in Quebec for this show.  All day today I've been reading about how much fun it was when Rick Astley, Tiffany, Deborah Gibson and Samantha Fox took over a hockey staduim in Quebec for the "Class Of 87" nostaliga concert.

Someone please - throw some money at this idea and bring the show to London!

Deborah Gibson has been blogging about it all day - apparently, she even accompanied Tiffany on the piano for "Could've Been".  Talk about history in the making!  (Thanks Shawn for the link)

I am stamping my feet - I want this show to come to London - pronto.  It's WAY more exciting than any other reunion concert that has been done so far - in my books.  If they added Belinda Carlise, New Kids On The Block and Tommy Page to the line-up, they could just have a nice little run at the O2 me thinks. 

Or, pay me to promote it - you know I would go nuts making sure everyone was there.  I am going slightly hysterical with retro-fabulousness right now watching all the video footage - after the jump!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nu-Retro Rewind: CeCe Peniston "Finally" 2008


Wow CeCe Peniston - You KNOCK me out.

Igniting in the clubs right now is CeCe Peniston's classic dance hit "Finally".  But this time, it's been given the good ol 2008 electro treatment by Kam Denny and Paul Zala which has brought this dance classic to life once again.  Already a firm favourite in DJ Adamix's record bag and on my iPod, make sure you go out of your way to get this hot nu-retro remix right now.  Your Monday morning commute will be so much more colourful - I promise.

And can I just say "like whoa" to CeCe Peniston herself.  She's come a long way from the girl who wore black with big flowers on her head.  Just look at her! It's like she got in a time machine and got younger and hotter.  I want some of her damn moisturizer.

Take a listen to "Finally 2008" right now and if you look hard enough - it's floating around on the net somewhere...go...what are you waiting for?


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