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Monday, August 01, 2011

Listen To New Blake Lewis Single "Till We See The Sun"


This was a little unexpected, but Blake Lewis just dropped his new single "Till We See The Sun" on Beatport and there is a full preview of it already on YouTube.  

My thoughts - I love it!  Twisty, dancey and hard-driving. If it's one thing about Blake Lewis, he definitely is consistent with all of his work and his gutsy artistry as a male dance and electronica music performer is most certainly to be admired.  But then again, you already knew I was a fan.

Check out "Till We See The Sun" and if you like it - buy it on Beatport.  It looks like it's slated for an iTunes remix package release in a few weeks.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blake Lewis Filming New Video To "Operator"

Blake lewis

Wow, what a surprise!  Last March we told you about Blake Lewis' new song with DJ Dan & Uberzone called "Operator" - well, now it seems that it's getting the proper video and single treatment.  So glad to hear this news!  The image above is from the video and you can check out more photos from the video shoot over on Blake Lewis' Facebook page.

For a reminder of what the ace new single sounds like - check out this preview video out on YouTube and DO THE ROBOT!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

EQ Top Ten Collections Of Tracks For 2009

 Lady gaga

"The Fame Monster" by Lady Gaga
If there ever were a perfect pop album, Lady Gaga has created this in eight perfect pop tracks. "Bad Romance" has set the bar in terms of pop mightiness - leaving other aspiring and established pop artists breathless and wishing they could attain such high levels of perfection. When EQ declared Lady Gaga "the new Madonna" early on - it was met "let's just wait until the second album shall we?". We'll it landed with the force of a thunderbolt with mighty tracks like "Alejandro", "Monster" and "Telephone" forcefully shoving those on-the-fence skeptics firmly into the wacky wardrobes adorning the Haus of Gaga. Ladies and gentlemen - we are witnessing the rise of a major pop force who has the staying power of legends - I look forward to the artistic creations that Lady Gaga will be unveiling to the world in the years to come.

Download "The Fame Monster" on Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster

 Blake lewis

"Heartbreak On Vinyl" by Blake Lewis 
If you ask me, this album hasn't gotten nearly the amount of praise it deserves. What makes it so brilliant is the belief that Blake Lewis had in himself to produce a dance album that was truly him and not one he had to compromise to satisfy labels. It's like showing the public the real you whether they like it or not - and "Heartbreak On Vinyl" did just this. It's dance music, carefully immortalized in tracks like "Freak", "Binary Love" and "Sad Song". The title track "Heartbreak On Vinyl" couldn't have been any more perfect - an ode to the downfall of the traditional record store which captured the sadness and loss that many of us hardcore music lovers felt from the convergence of the music industry with technology. The entire album served key play-list tracks on EQ club nights with music lovers proclaiming "I love this song - who sings it?". I'm hoping that Tommy Boy sink some more money into this project and give it the proper European push it deserves as I still don't think the American majority quite get proper dance music the way us Europeans do.

Download "Heartbreak On Vinyl" on Blake Lewis - Heartbreak On Vinyl

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