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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ooooh...I Love "Love Etc." By Pet Shop Boys!


So I just got home from a massive grocery shop to find that "Love Etc" by Pet Shop Boys has seemingly leaked all over my inbox and because I'm rather curious (in more ways than just one), I loaded it up into le iTunes.  

I have to say, Popjustice has a valid reason for going gaga all over it.  It truly is their best single in a long long time for me personally.  I have been let down with ye ol PSB over the last few years (don't ask - I don't want to get into any arguements with any Petheads) and "Love Etc." totally makes up for it in my opinion.  It kinda reminds me of The KLF a wee bit around the 2:10 mark with it's chanting and atmospheric sound.  Neil's vocals shine as he sings about not needing the material things in life - we all just need a little bit of love, etc.  

"You need more, you need more, you need LOVEEEEE" - I shall be singing this for about 3 weeks now.  Thank you Neil and Chris - I feel another round of PSB obsession coming on...it's been awhile.  Last time I got overtly obsessed with them was the "Nightlife" era...

PS - This song gets more and more flawless by the minute...I've played it 12 times now.  And to think I was pissy this afternoon to learn that Madonna is going to play another "Sticky & Sweet" show at The O2 in July and I probably won't go due to the fact I'm still paying on my credit card for the crappy show she did at the oversized Wembley Staduim.  PSB have turned my frown upside down.


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hey babe.. i agree it's catchy; not sure if it's enough to propel them back to the top, but PSB are definitely in form again.

for those who want to hear, you can find it here -




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