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Monday, February 25, 2008

Final Night Of Darren Hayes' Side Two Tour


Last night's final show of Darren Hayes 'Side Two Tour' was utterly incredible.  Emotions ran high in the packed-out Islington Academy in London as hardcore fans from around the globe realized this may be a long time until Darren Hayes takes to the stage again.  There were smiles, there were tears, there even were a few fans that fainted from the experience, but all-in-all the show was one of Darren's career bests.

Darren looked really happy on stage - joking about live technical fuck-ups to the endless exclaimations of love he had for his guitarist Steve Young and the keytar maestro Justin Shave.  Treating the London fans to some setlist extras including 'Unlovable' and the energetic 'Carry On Amedeaus' (even the bouncers were enjoying this tune) it was a very special show to say the least.  Darren even paid tribute to Madonna by incorporating lyrics to 'Vogue' into 'Dirty' and 'Get Together' into 'So Beautiful'Leona Lewis even got a nod as Darren belted out the chorus to 'Bleeding Love' in one track.

After the show I chatted to Darren about what he had planned now that he's finished the last show and he was quite happy to say that he was looking forward to his downtime and getting to do a whole lot of nothing!  Hearing Darren say this was a joy because if there is any musician out there that deserves a bit of a break - it most certainly is Darren Hayes.  He has toured and promoted 'This Delicate Thing We've Made' tirelessly over the past year and looks forward to making more music for the legions of fans that embrace what he does.  It doesn't matter if radio or the music industry "get it" anymore - he's going to be making music for all of us who do.

And with that said, we look forward to seeing Darren again in the future when he has a new story to tell through his music in that fascinating way that he does it.  Thanks Darren for entertaining us all this past year with your beautiful record and generosity.

Make sure you buy the epic single 'Casey' when it drops on 3 March and if you want to relive the magic of 'The Time Machine Tour' make sure you pick up your copy when it drops on DVD soon. 


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Fantastic show. and that wonderfully tallented man sure deserves a well earned rest.. great hnging with you guys mwah x

Thanks for this Raj. So wanted to be there (yeah, the 7 shows I saw weren't enough! lol), but just thinking about it from the US I was a wreck. The actual experience probably would've done me in! :)

Radio definitely doesn't get it. But then who needs 'em?

Great to say 'hi' in person at the very first show. BTW

xo cg

thanks a lot!!!

Thanks for that Raj.

the show was just amazing.

a million hugs


Wow, that was really emotional..
Gonna miss Mr. Hayes so much until his next appearance, hopefully that will be very soon..
Thank you so much for this amazing article..
Cheers from Jordan (",)

Thanks Raj! I don't think I have ever seen/heard Darren shining and sparkling as much as it happened on sunday. It was all soooo perfect! And the voice!!! It was so strong and crystal! I don't know how he can take such high notes so easily. They were strong, loud and clear! I can honestly say that I happened to hear such thing just a very few times and maybe even less than that. I bow down to his talent.. he's got so much of it that the sky is the only limit.. and maybe not even that cuz the notes just raise up and go higher! And it's so good to see such understanding and completion among him, Justin and Steve.. They look like a big family who exactly knows what each member feels and can give best.
And thanks for your review. Thanks for being so kind and sweet. You and Geri always happen to make me smile and feel good about myself and that does not happen often! Hugs! :)

I do admit that I really digged their music! :)

Oops.. that was meant for the Slips article.. LOL

Thanx for a fab review Raj :)

A great review Raj. I couldn't miss Darren's last show for the time being, and I will have to wait patiently to see what stories he will tell when we next hear from him.

It was an awesome show wasn't it! Thanks for the great review!


I think that was the best way of summin up such an amazin night, beautifully written! im sorry i fainted on you :s hehe!! xx

Yet another great blog. Glad you enjoyed the show as much as I did.

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