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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'll Put My Rant On Stun...Betta Watch Ya Tongue

Hey EQs - So sorry we didn't run our regular MySpace Discovery Wednesday column yesterday.  It definitely isn't for lack of hot new talent - we have several of them bookmarked in our favourites - it's just we've had an action-packed week and felt our energy level was too low to write up a good blog for you, so we decided against it (chews on power bar now).  But we have lots of random tid-bits as per usual so let's get down to it...

  1. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD SIMON CURTIS new song 'Resist' over at PopJustice now!  You can even print off a nifty little single cover thanks to those brilliant buggers.  'Resist' is a great song, but it's just an appetizer to the rest of the 'Alter Boy' album...go and download the album teaser and get caught up with Simon here.
  2. MORE DOWNLOAD FUN...One of our favourite non-electro acts Jason Downs has finally joined the Myspace ace race and you can download some of his brilliant tracks here.  Not too many people get what Jason Downs is all about - but we do.  We hope he's got some new music in the works.
  3. Don't Stop The Pop prefers sexy-waxed boy Petros over Simon Curtis but that's ok.  As much as we 'don't get' DSTP sometimes, you can download some of Petros fun tracks here...are we on a download spree or what today?
  4. We had a blast at Club Delicacy with Darren Hayes and Antigone on Monday night hanging with Megs, Claudia and Nik and you can read all about our fun experience over on Megan's blog if you're a friend.  And out of coincidence, we had a lovely chat with Darren Hayes and hubby Richard the following day while having lunch at Fresh & Wild in Soho! 
  5. SPOTTED: Stephan D'Bart of Switch 22 in Soho as well on his way to somewhere fun.  We would have rugby tackled him but that would have required giving up our people watching seat at Costa Coffee...Did you also see his lovely pic in the London Paper on Tuesday?  Bless.
  6. We've been enjoying writing our majestic column over at The Hotstuff Files so much that we decided to go all Tiffany on them - check out their new design as well as our pop column now!  Leave us a comment...we don't have one yet on HSF! 
  7. Dammit - someone cloned our debit card and took 300 quid out from under us in Italy!  Don't worry we got it back.  How dare they steal our music allowance for the month!
  8. Pop Pimper Paul from The Zapping is on holiday in Florida at the moment and he's checking out the Deborah Gibson Electric Youth musical!  We're serious! 
  9. The next Popshow is confirmed for May 30th at Soho Revue Bar in aid of Wateraid.  Confirmed EQ Fold members Switch 22 and Electric Dolls are confirmed as well as Discotheque!  Are you coming? 
  10. And finally...we just love Robbie Williams movie short to 'Goodbye To The Normals' so much we wanted to share - it's truly British humour to the max.


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It must be nice to randomly see celebrities! I think the closest I've come to a random celebrity spotting is seeing the second place couple on Trading Spaces's Million Dollar Home marathon in Florida. Of course, that relies on a somewhat liberal definition of "celebrity." That, a chat with Darren Hayes--you're just the center of celebrity activity, aren't you? ;)

And how exciting was it to see Simon get a mention on Popjustice?!

Hey PPG - So excited about the Simon mention on PopJustice! I have a good feeling that 'Alter Boy' is gonna be a hit here in Europe.

Darren had a drinks reception last night after his 3rd London Club Delicacy show - he invited us along and we had a blast! Darren is such a kind person and makes time for his fans which is great.

Working in London Soho you see many celebs all the time. I saw Sienna Miller and Stephen Fry just yesterday too. It's different here in London though, celebs don't get mobbed by fans...only by the paparazzi if they are drunk on the streets cuz that sells newspapers here. LOL.

Wohoooo lucky you for the celeb spotting, espesh Darren! AHH. *Needs to live in London* lol. Thanks for my mention ;D Ahh *memories*


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