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Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's a Retro Rant and Rave Day!

Yo!  I am suffering a hangover today courtesy of 1.50 drinks at G-A-Y bar last night, but that won't stop the rants and raves for today.  Bring it on.

  1. Richard Newman's MySpace profile rocks - We had so much fun playing with him, ooops I mean his profile last night.  For those of you who don't know...Richard was the token gay 'sexual terrorist' on this past season of Big Brother UKElectroqueer supporter and experimental new-musician-on-the-block, Pete Bennett won.
  2. We heard Kelly Osbourne is going to pose nude for Playboy or something like that...can anyone shed any truth to this?  We only ever bought one issue of Playboy in our lives...when Tiffany posed for them.  She did it before Deborah Gibson did, but Belinda Carlise did it before them all.
  3. We have been on an 80's kick on YouTube lately looking up some oldie but goodie Electroqueer videos.  Check em out on Electroqueer TV to the right.
  4. Chris Issak was the first ever famous person we saw.  He opened for the Thompson Twins during their 1987 'Close To The Bone' Tour before he was famous.  We think he's sexy.
  5. The first ever record (ahem, cassette tape) that Electroqueer bought was Madonna's 'Like A Virgin'.  We had to hide it from Mama Electroqueer because she thought the cover was too racy.
  6. Expose are still around - cool.  I want to book them to sing at my birthday party.  They have a rather decent website too.
  7. The Scissor Sisters are Brits nominated once again.  The band will be in the running for two of the ceremony's most sought-after gongs - Best International Act and Best International Album for 'Ta-Dah'.  Check out this cool page of all the nominated acts!  Amy Winehouse is nominated again for fuck's sake.  I hope they get a good shot of her mug again if she looses.  Sorry, I know a few of you are fans... Stay tuned for more Brits coverage.
  8. Robbie Williams electroqueer status is rising and rising.  From Saturday, the video to his new single 'She's Madonna' will be released in which he teams up with the Pet Shop Boys on this track.  The video will apparently star a lot of famous drag queens including Alexis Arquette.  We can't wait!  Little tidbit...on my first day in the UK, Robbie Williams smiled at me as we walked past each other in Notting Hill.  He knew I was staring.  From then on, I knew I would love living in England. 
  9. Get to know a-ha some more...they are still around and their last album 'Analogue' was very good.  They are still hugely successful around the world...except in America where they are one-hit wonders.
  10. We love Lindsay Lohan and **** *** if you don't.  If you don't pay attention to the tabloids, her albums are quite good.  We own em both.

And finally we leave you with this like totally awesome video megamix of Sweet Sensation who were our favourite girl band of the late 80's/90's.  I could go on and on about how important freestyle New York house was an influence on me, but I won't...I'll just leave you with the bad hair and memories...someone really needs to remake 'Hooked On You' (Sugababes - you game?)

Sorry to get all nostalgic lately, but it's all part of the Electroqueer fabric we weave...


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Rants and raves is my fave EQ feature. Though i am loving the fact that we both have simon curtis songs at number one on our charts. A few rant and raves responses:
1 - I didn't care for Richard. Pete was even worse though. Talk about having all the emotional stability of a barbie doll...
2 - I only ever bought the Deborah Gibson Playboy. It's quite a good read...
6 - my baby never looked good in blue either. But he looks fucking amazing in black.
7 - excuse me using the fuck word again but i fucking hate Amy Winehouse. Loathe and despise.
8 - Robbie WIlliams has never smiled at me. Only in a fantasy i once had and he did a lot more than smile. Then Stephen Gately walked in and it was all ruined.
10 - no comment.

PS#1 - so much more exciting have £1.50 drinks at G-A-Y than avoiding the puke in the toilets at The Village.
PS#2 - Love Child is one of my fave albums of all time!

Paul it makes me giddy that you actuallly read my rants. I love that you despise Amy too. I recently saw Stephen Gately at Wicked. He was sitting two rows behind me. He was with a cute boy who had a huge diamond ring on...I didn't think it was Stephens' boyfriend though. I love little Stephen...my favourite boyzoner.

We're Sweet Sensation even known in the UK? I frickin love them. One of the best concerts in my life...Linear/Sweet Sensation/Tommy Page live in Puyallup, Washington.

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